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Update or replace an asset for multiple sites
Update or replace an asset for multiple sites

Known as global asset updates

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Assets like PDFs, images, videos, etc. are sometimes used multiple times - either on the same site or across many different sites.

There may be times where you would need to update the asset (for example, a headshot of a team member) but you don't want to have to search on every site for that image to manually switch it out.

This is why Zoomforth has introduced a feature to allow for global asset updates, allowing you to update an asset in every location at once with just a few clicks.

To update or replace the asset, or asset version, on one or more sites from the Media Library:

  1. Click the asset in the Media Library;

  2. Click the Replace button at the right pane menu;

  3. Tick the site/s to update in the Select sites to update modal;

  4. Click Update Selected button;

  5. Select the updated asset, or asset version, of the same file type, from the local machine.

There are a few things to note with using this global asset updating feature:

  1. Asset update or replacement cannot be reverted;

  2. The asset can only be replaced with the same file type;

  3. YouTube-type assets do not work with this feature;

  4. An asset must be placed or linked to at least one site (published, or unpublished) before it can be updated in the Media Library;

  5. The previous asset, or asset version, will be overwritten only if the global update was applied to ALL sites linked to the asset;

  6. If the global update is not applied to all sites linked to the asset, both the current and previous assets or asset versions, will be kept in the same Media Library location;

  7. Restoring the site to a previous version, will not undo any prior global update applied to an asset in the site.

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