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Searching assets in the Media Library
Searching assets in the Media Library
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The Media Library is a repository for your assets whether it's an image, video, file, or PDF. The Media Library acts as a content management system keeping all your assets organized and easy to find and add to your Zoomforth sites.

You can find all of your assets in the library - whether they were imported directly from your local machine, were responses to prompts, were initially uploaded into one of your sites, or were uploaded to one of your sites.

Searching for assets in the Media Library is easy!

The search bar is found at the upper left of the dashboard next to the Search by Type filter. The search results list files and folders based on the keyword hits against file and folder names. Asset descriptions and alt texts are not checked against your search queries.

You can even narrow the results using the Search by Type filter. This can be done by selecting the file type from the dropdown so it will only show content that matches your keyword query and the file type selected.

The keyword searches are not saved, cached, or remembered when the Media Library or folder directory is reloaded in your browser, but it always reloads the last folder location you were at when you hit the Media Library dashboard from the left side panel.

Searches are confined within the current directory or location. If you do a search in the main root the search results are based on all the content in the Media Library, while searching inside a certain folder location or directory only gives the result from contents within the same folder location or directory. You can also check this article to know more about the Media Library.

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