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Get the monthly site visits from visitor report with Google Sheet
Get the monthly site visits from visitor report with Google Sheet
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As of writing, the Site Report only shows the sites created within the data range selected from the Stats and Reports dashboard, which by default, is set to a month before the current date. Therefore, the visited sites created outside the selected date range are not included in the report.

The best way to get the site by visit count for all active sites is through the Visitor Report.

The best way to get the site by visit count for all active sites through the Visitor Report using Google Sheets:

1. Go to the Stats and Reports dashboard and indicate the visit date range for the report on the upper right of the dashboard.

2. Wait for the reporting graph on the first section of the dashboard to load the numbers completely.

3. Click Email Visitor Report button.

4. Download the report delivered via email.

5. Using your preferred spreadsheet application, open the CSV file type report.

6. Copy the field values from the spreadsheet which starts below the first row or the field header. Do not copy the field header which are labeled / arranged as: Visitor Name, Visitor Email, Earliest Visit, Most Recent Visit, Visit Count, Visited Sites, Time On All Sites, Is Zoomforth User, and Locations.

7. Make a copy of this template for your report. Open the spreadsheet and click File > Make a Copy ...

8. In the first spreadsheet or tab, named Paste Here, right click on cell A2, and select Paste Special > Paste Values Only to paste the cell values copied from step 4.

9. Select all cells in the same spreadsheet or tab. One way to do this is by pressing control + A on the keyboard.

10. Press control + F, on the keyboard again, to bring up the search utility on the upper right.

11. Click the More Options button (icon of 3 vertically stacked dots, next to the X icon of the search utility).

12. In the Find field of the Find and Replace window, type in a space and a double quote mark ("). The space before the double quote mark is very important here. 

13. Set the Search drop-down to "This Sheet".

14. Click Replace All button.

15. Repeat steps 7 - 12, but on step 10 for the Find field, put in just a quote mark (") without any space before or after it.

16. Once you see the number of cells updated, click Done.

17. Click the second tab or spreadsheet, named as Summary.

You'll see the list of sites against their corresponding visit count in the Summary spreadsheet.

The template in this article is limited for 27,000 entries only! If the downloaded report has more than 27, 000 entries, row or lines in it, just split the report in batches.

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