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Get the monthly site visits from visitor report with Microsoft Excel
Get the monthly site visits from visitor report with Microsoft Excel
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As of writing, the Site Report only shows the site created within the data range selected from the Stats and Reports dashboard, which by default, is set to a month before the current date. Therefore, the visited sites created outside the selected date range are not included in the report.

The best way to get the sites by visit count for all active sites in the Site and Templates dashboard based on the selected date is through the Visitor Report, though how the report is presented is not straightforward.

To get the site by visit count for all active sites in the dashboard from the Visitor Report using Microsoft Excel:

1. Go to the Stats and Reports dashboard and indicate the date range for the report on the upper right of the dashboard.

2. Wait for the reporting graph on the first section of the dashboard to load the numbers completely.

3. Click Download Visitor Report button.

4. The CSV file will be downloaded

5. Using MS Excel, open the CSV file type report.

6. Click File > Save As to convert the file as a regular spreadsheet version.

7. Delete the first row which contains the file title, merged from several cells in the column.

8. Click the Column F header of the Visited Sites, column, to select everything in it.

9. From the menu, click Data and click Text to Columns.

10. On the pop up window, select Delimited from the options under Original Data Type, and click Next.

11. In the next window, un-check Tab under Delimiters, instead tick boxes for Comma and Other.

12. In the Other field box which you just ticked, put a double quote mark ("), and click Next.

14. In the next window, for Destination, click the arrow up button on the end of the field box.

15. Click cell P1.

16. Click Finish button.
17. Click cell P1.
18. On your keyboard, hold down the shift key while scrolling to cell Y10000. Once found, still holding down the shift key, click cell Y10000. This should select all cells from P1 - Y10000 which contains the site visited from the report.

19. Copy these cell (control + C).ย 

20. Download this reporting template and open it with Microsoft Excel.

21. Click the spreadsheet or tab, at the bottom, named Paste Here.

22. Click cell A1 of the spreadsheet or tab Paste Here.

23. Paste the values copied from step 19.

24. Click the spreadsheet or tab at the bottom, named Visits per Site.

23. Right - click on cell A3, Row Labels, and select Refresh.

The last step will populate the pivot table with all the sites copied from first file on step 19.

If you have access to Google Sheet, you might find this article easier to follow to achieve the same result.

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