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A carousel is a rotating or sliding display of various multimedia types within a confined space on a webpage. It is a popular component used to showcase multiple types of visual content in an interactive and engaging manner.

The carousel typically consists of a series of multimedia panels or slides that are displayed one at a time. The slides can be set to automatically transition or navigation controls such as arrows or indicators allow users to manually scroll through the content.

You can use images, videos, and YouTube videos in your carousel. The carousel content and play options can be customized.

To create a carousel

  1. Go to your Site Editor.

  2. Click +Section and select Presentation from the left panel.

  3. Select Slideshow section.

  4. Click +Slides on the left and select one of the following options:

    1. Choose from Media Library - if the media had been uploaded in the Media Library

    2. Upload file - if the media is saved locally in your computer and needs to be uploaded

    3. Add YouTube video - if the media is a YouTube video (requires URL to the YouTube video, or a YouTube video ID)

    4. Record video - if you want to record a video to be added to the carousel (180 seconds limit per video)

  5. Slides added in the carousel or slideshow will be available on both Old and New Version.

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