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Arranging slides in your carousel or slideshow
Arranging slides in your carousel or slideshow
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The order of slides in a slideshow is crucial for creating a clear, engaging, and well-structured presentation. Thoughtfully arranging slides is important for several reasons:

  1. Logical Flow: A well-structured flow helps your audience follow along easily and grasp the information you are presenting. By organizing your slides in a logical sequence, you can ensure that your message is conveyed effectively and coherently.

  2. Storytelling: A slideshow is an opportunity to build anticipation, introduce key points, provide supporting information, and conclude with a strong closing. By arranging your slides in a meaningful order, you can create a compelling narrative arc that engages your audience.

  3. Visual Hierarchy: The arrangement of slides affects the visual hierarchy of your presentation, helping to prioritize information, highlight key points, and guide your audience's focus. By placing important or impactful slides in strategic positions, such as the beginning or end, you can grab your audience's attention and make a lasting impression.

  4. Smooth Transitions: Proper slide arrangement allows for smooth transitions between slides, maintains the flow of your presentation, and prevents jarring or confusing jumps between unrelated topics or ideas. When slides are arranged logically, the transition from one slide to the next feels seamless and natural.

To arrange slides in a carousel or slideshow:

  1. Click on +Section;

  2. Select Presentation;

  3. Choose Slideshow;

  4. Click on +Slides to add images or videos. You can add the following media as slides:

    1. photo and/or videos from the Media Library

    2. links to YouTube videos

    3. upload photos and videos directly from your computer

  5. Select the files to be uploaded;

  6. Click and drag the asset to a new position in the thumbnail pane. You will see a visual indicator of its new position as you drag the slide.

  7. Click Done Editing Section when complete.

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