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Set or change permissions to folders
Set or change permissions to folders
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User permission to access folders in the Sites and Templates dashboard can be set up or changed in the Manage Folders modal. By default, only those users with administrator roles can access unlocked folders.
All new folders' permission is unlocked by default, but when the folder permission is toggled to locked, only the users who were added in the Manage Folders modal can view and access the folder.

To set or change user access permission to a folder:

  1. Click Manage Folders in the top left side of the Sites and Templates Dashboard;

  2. Click Create New to create a new folder, or hover over a folder and click Edit to modify access to the folder;

  3. Toggle the Unlocked/Locked button to change the folder permission:

    1. Unlocked status - used as default permission for new folders. While a folder is unlocked, all administrators in the account are granted full permission by default. As administrators cannot be removed from the list, the Remove button is greyed out. Non-administrators can be added or removed manually by clicking the Add or Remove button by their name;

    2. Locked status - a user with an administrator role can change the folder access permission to locked. Once a folder is locked, the administrator who locked it should manually give access permission to the appropriate users and administrators. Only users and administrators who were given access permission can view and manage the folder;

  4. Click Add beside the name of the User that needs access to the folder, or click Remove if the User does not need to see and access the folder;

  5. Click Save on the bottom of the window.

Roles and permissions related to user access to sites


Can assign and
modify permissions

Has default access
to all unlocked folders

Has access to
assigned folders only

Account Owner

Account Admin

Content Admin



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