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Changing the email template for secured site access
Changing the email template for secured site access
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Email branding is the process of conveying a consistent brand identity through your emails by standardizing brand elements such as your send address, headers, footers, graphics, layout, and logo.

In Zoomforth, a secured site access link is sent via email to your target audience to provide access to sites. These emails are automatically sent once the site access had been approved, and can be customized to be aligned with your brand. The email can only be customized for sites using visitor access settings Approved Emails, and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

[Note: All account administrators and editors can select which email template will be used in sending secured site access invites.]

To change the email template for secured site access:

  1. Click the target site from the Sites and Templates dashboard;

  2. Click Visitor Access from the Site Details menu;

  3. Under Approved Email or Multi-Factor visitors field, click the Change Template button;

  4. Click the dropdown arrow to select the preferred template from the list;

  5. Click Save


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