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Creating your Prompt can be done from scratch or by using one of the pre-made templates provided by Zoomforth or by creating your own preferred prompt.

Creating From Template

You can select from the pre-made questions categorized into the following:

  • Employer Branding and Recruiting

  • Onboarding

  • Learning and Development

  • Internal Comms

  • Sales and Sales Training

  • Marketing

  • Click Create Prompt

  • Put in your preferred prompt name and click Save & Continue

  • You can now look for your created prompt and click Manage to modify the questions and click Share to get the link to share it or start a campaign.

Create Your Own

Creating your prompt allows you to put in your preferred questions instead of picking them from the pre-made templates.

  • Click Create Your Own to start building your prompt questions.

  • Enter your preferred prompt name on the next window and click Save & Continue

  • Click Edit Questions

  • Click Create New Question

  • Enter your preferred question in the given field. You can also add a Help Text at the bottom of the question. The Accepted Media are the accepted media answers/responses to your prompt.

  • Click Save

  • Click Create New Question again until you have added your preferred questions in your prompt

Once done, click Preview & Send

  • You will now see two options to share your prompt.

  • Share Your Prompt Link - you will need to copy and paste the prompt link from the box and send it out to the recipients using your preferred email client.

  • Start A Zoomforth Prompt Campaign - you can send the invite on the same page.

Starting A Zoomforth Prompt Campaign

  1. Click the Create Campaign button.

  2. Click Add Recipients to add the email addresses of the intended recipients.

3. You can select the recipients from the list if you have already sent a prompt to them before, or use New Contact or Create Multiple.

  • New Contact - Add new recipients one by one to the list

  • Create Multiple - Add new recipients in bulk. Email addresses can be copied and pasted from a list

4. Click Save Contacts. All recipients should be shown under Selected

5. Click Add Contacts To Campaign

6. Click Next Step, or click Edit Recipients if you need to add or remove recipients

7. The next window will show you the email preview. If you want to change the default email message you can click the Edit button otherwise, click Next Step.

8. The last step in the campaign is to view the prompt timeline which triggers reminder emails until the deadline. Once a recipient opts out, or responds, they will not receive the email reminders. Click Send Emails to Recipients Now to send the invite.

If you need assistance, you may contact our Customer Support via in-app chat or email us at

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