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Definition: Site HTML version
Definition: Site HTML version
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Every site on the internet is created with HTML code. This code defines the structure of a site that can then be accessed by CSS code to enhance the visual appearance of the site.

The Zoomforth site editor allows you to avoid writing HTML and focus on your content.

Unfortunately, there are times when the HTML itself needs to change in order to adapt to new features or new web standards. Changing the HTML may mean that the site you developed will be changed in the way it looks and feels.

Zoomforth avoids this by releasing upgrades that can be opted into on a site-by-site basis. This process is known as upgrading your site's HTML version.

When you upgrade your site, you may find that you would prefer to stick with the previous version. If that happens, you can simply click revert changes at the top of the site editor to undo the upgrade.

If you choose not to upgrade your site HTML version, then everything will continue to work as it always had.

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