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Information on what upgrading a site does

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Periodically, Zoomforth will introduce an upgrade to sites then allow you to opt-in to these new features.

Upgrades will never be applied automatically to your sites and we will always allow you to decide if the offered upgrade is the right fit for you.

These upgrades allow us to introduce new and exciting improvements to sites without potentially breaking or changing the existing sites on your account.

How often are site upgrades available?

Site upgrades are issued on an infrequent basis. Most new features which Zoomforth introduces can be added without requiring an upgrade.

Features that may affect published sites on your account will have a safeguard in place to protect the work that you have already published.

Since the web is constantly evolving, new standards have arrived over the years. Standards that require changes to the underlying HTML of a website will require us to issue a new upgrade.

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