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Zoomforth's stylesheet upgrades
Zoomforth's stylesheet upgrades

Information on what upgrading a stylesheet does

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Each theme in Zoomforth generates a CSS stylesheet which is then applied to your Zoomforth site(s). The stylesheet is where we gather all of the different branding elements and custom CSS in the Theme Editor for use on your site(s). 

Periodically, we introduce an upgrade to the theme and allow you to opt-in to changes that may affect your existing sites that use a theme.

An upgrade can potentially include:

  • New base styling which makes existing tiles, sections, or subpages appear differently.

  • New theme variables that could not be introduced without potentially breaking existing styles.

  • Compatible styles for a site editor upgrade.

You can see when an upgrade is available by looking in the themes dashboard and checking the upgrade status line. This will either say the theme is on the Latest version or an Upgrade available.

You will also notice a banner across the top of the theme editor with a button inviting you to upgrade your theme.

Important things to note before upgrading your theme:

We strongly recommend that you first publish any unpublished changes before proceeding with an upgrade.

This allows you to potentially revert the changes if you are unhappy with how they look in the upgraded version.

While we encourage you to upgrade your themes to the latest version, it's extremely important that you first review all sites using that theme before Publishing the upgrade. Specifically, we'd encourage you to check your sites for:

  • Scrolling tiles

  • Font sizing issues/changes 

  • Button and hyperlink colors and interactions

If you initially click Upgrade and then change your mind, you can always revert the change and go back to the older version of your theme. The new version will persist once you hit Publish and cannot be reverted thereafter.

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