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Definition: Stylesheet version
Definition: Stylesheet version
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A stylesheet defines how a website looks when viewed in a web browser.

In Zoomforth, every theme you create generates a unique stylesheet that includes the base styles defined in the platform, the variables you set in the theme editor, and the custom CSS you define.

Zoomforth will periodically release upgrades to the base stylesheet that allow you to opt into new functionality. Each upgrade is considered a new stylesheet version. In the past this has included:

  • Uniform text sizing and spacing

  • New theme variables

  • Styling changes to accommodate accessibility considerations

Upgrades to a stylesheet can oftentimes include changes that make the sites using your theme look different. If that happens you can simply click revert changes at the top of the theme editor to undo the upgrade.

If you choose not to upgrade your theme's stylesheet everything will continue to work as it always had.

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