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Data Filters For Analytics
Data Filters For Analytics
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Platform utilization and site engagement data can be found in the Stats and Reports dashboard of the account and in the Analytics tab of the Site Details menu for each site. While the analytics may be overwhelming to look at, Zoomforth offers relevant filters to improve the usability of the data and help creators or administrators make informed decisions on managing their accounts or sites.

Data filters create a subgroup of data based on selected criteria like date of data creation or capture, site visitor environment, activities, etc.

Any changes to the filters automatically refresh the interface, reflect on downloadable reports and fetch data from our analytics service provider. A count of active filters is shown in the interface. Data filters are not saved after a session, so a browser refresh will reset the filters to default.

The data captured based on the last filter settings is the data cached in your local browser.

The Refresh data button is found at the upper right to update the interface with any new data captured by our analytics provider.

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