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Top Referrals in analytics
Top Referrals in analytics

What is it and how does it work?

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When a visitor comes to a Zoomforth site by clicking on a link on some page, the page from which they came is sometimes tracked. The website address of that page is called the referrer or a referral URL.

If the visitor typed the Zoomforth site address directly into the address bar then there would be no referrer.

Therefore two different pages with two different website addresses both linking to the same Zoomforth site would have two different referrer entries in "Top Referrals".

To access the analytics for site referrals:

1. Click the site from the Sites and Templates dashboard;

2. Click Analytics from Site Details menu;

3. Scroll down to the Top Referrals section.


- Some pages can choose NOT to include referrer data when a visitor clicks a link (e.g., for privacy reasons), and in those cases, you would see "no referrer".

- A page can choose to only include the domain (and not the entire website address) as the referrer entry. If that's the case then two different pages both linking to a Zoomforth site would appear with the same referrer entry, and there would be no way to differentiate them. (This is called an "origin only referrer policy".)

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