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How to setup your custom domain with a CNAME to point at your Zoomforth sites

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If you have purchased your own custom domain and want to use it with your Zoomforth sites, then you need to do a bit of setup with your domain provider's DNS.

You must "point" your domain at the Zoomforth share server domain

Do this by settings up a CNAME entry to

If you are setting up your domain with a subdomain, like: or , then this should be no problem.

However, if you want to use a "root domain" (also known as a "naked domain") like , then you cannot directly use a CNAME entry. However, many DNS services provide a CNAME-like functionality which accomplishes the same behavior. It is often referred to as an ALIAS but may have a different name depending on your provider.

DNS providers known to support CNAME-like functionality:

  • At DNSimple, it's called ALIAS

  • At DNS Made Easy, it's called ANAME

  • At easyDNS, it's called ANAME

  • At CloudFlare, is called CNAME

(It's possible your DNS provider may support this behavior but may call it something else entirely different.)

Noteable DNS providers that do NOT support this:

  • Amazon's Route53

If your DNS provider does not support this, then it is fairly simple to switch your domain to another provider. Contact support if you need help with this.

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