Depending on the number of characters in the addresses, multiple, or bulk of, emails can be quickly managed for email - based site authentication setups, such as, Approved Emails, Multi - Factor, and Single Sign-On (SAML).

Bulk whitelist editing can come in handy for actions such as deleting or copying long list of emails, which would have been done, otherwise, one by one, per email address.

Say, a list of 50K email addresses already setup for site authentication had to be taken down. Instead of deleting the emails one after the other, using this feature, all of these 50K emails can be removed in just few clicks!

To manage multiple emails via bulk whitelist editing for sites with email - based authentication:

  1. Click the site in the Sites and Templates dashboard.

  2. Click Visitor Access tab from the Site Details menu.

  3. Click +Bulk Edit button for any of the email - based authentications selected for the site.

  4. Follow the appropriate actions below to manage the existing email whitelist:

    To add more emails

    Paste additional whitelist of email addresses in the editor. The list should be stacked with one email per line.

    To delete selected emails or portions of the whitelist

    Select the line/s of the email addresses to be removed and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

    To delete all emails in the whitelist

    Click Clear emails button on the lower left of the dialog box.

    To copy all emails in the whitelist

    Click Copy emails button and paste the list in another preferred application.

  5. Click on Next to confirm the changes to be made in the whitelist.

  6. Click on Save.

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