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View sites with email authentication on
View sites with email authentication on
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When an unauthenticated visitor accesses a site with email authentication turned on, he or she will first be routed to the gatekeeper.

The viewer has to enter his / her email address and hit Send Verification Email.

If the email address entered is NOT authorized to view the site, a notification (with helpful tips) will be displayed, as shown below:

You can either re-enter a different email address or click the Request Access button for the current email.

If you click on the Request Access button, you will get a notification as shown below and a site administrator will be notified through email that you're requesting access for the site and will have the option to allow the access.ย 

If the email address entered is authorized, a success notification will be shown, such as below, and an email will be sent to the associated inbox:

To finally access the site, the viewer can then click the View Secured Site button in the notification email, as highlighted below:

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