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The collaboration tool serves as a great way to facilitate real-time interaction and cooperation among Zoomforth license holders and non-users. Site creators can allow anyone with the collaboration link to add and assign comments to various elements within a site. This tool also enables users to discuss the site through audio or video calls, with a screen sharing option for collaborative presentations or troubleshooting sessions.

The collaboration view is accessible by clicking on the link sent via the invitation email or directly copying and pasting the link from the Collaborate Settings. This link can be shared through email, social media messaging platforms, or SMS.

Upon accessing the collaboration site through the shared link, users will be prompted to input an authorized email to proceed or request access to the collaboration site. Selecting the "Request access" button triggers an email notification to the Account admins and Content admins, who can then approve or deny the pending access request.

Note: Account admins and Content admins will have the Collaborate button. It can be found in More options in the Sites Dashboard, in the upper right-hand side of the Site Editor, and on the Site Details screen.

User access options

The collaboration link is restricted to a specific list of approved users, ensuring that only those users are able to collaborate. Access can be provided to both users and non-Zoomforth users via Email, by Single Sign-On (SAML), or by sharing the collaboration link.

Allow user access via Email authentication

  1. Click on the Collaborate button

  2. Choose Email

  3. Type the email address individually or add multiple emails via the

    + Bulk Edit button

  4. Check the Send Invitations box if you would like the users to receive the collaboration link via email.

  5. You may choose to set the token type to either "Expires after a single use" or "Expires after 24 hours"

Note: It is important for admins to remember to add their own email if they wish to collaborate as well.

Allow user access via Single Sign-On (SAML)

  1. Click on the Collaborate button

  2. Choose Single Sign-On (SAML)

  3. Then select your preferred Single Sign-On setting.

Allow user access via the collaboration link

When a collaboration site is accessed via the shared link, it will provide options to either enter an authorized email to continue or Request access to the collaboration site. When a Request access button is clicked, it will send an email notification to the Account admins and Content admins who can approve or deny the pending access request.

Comments and Huddle

Comments are a useful way to save discussions and decisions regarding a site's status. They can serve as a reference for future use, help in version tracking, and provide a record of the evolution of the site. This tool enables real-time collaboration, as comments appear instantly to all users involved, offering synchronous communication.

Comments can include task assignments or action items. Tagging or mentioning others in the comment will alert the user and add them to the discussion.

To add a comment

  1. Access the collaboration link

  2. Click on the Speech bubble icon at the lower right-hand side of the screen.
    Your cursor will change to a purple-colored speech bubble once the icon is clicked, indicating that you can now add a comment to any section or element within the site.

  3. Click on the section/element that you want to comment on.

  4. Add your comment on the comment box that will appear and click on the send icon to save your comment.

To add or update a status/progress in a comment

  • The status is located in the upper left part of the comment box and can be changed to either Open, In Progress, or Resolved.

  • The status/progress can be tracked by using the filter options in the comment list located on the lower right side of the collaboration screen.

Users can engage in live discussions by joining a huddle call within the collaboration screen. During the call, users can turn on video for a more personal discussion, share a screen, or enable an on-screen mouse pointer.

To start/join a discussion

  1. Access the collaboration link

  2. Click on the headphone icon located on the lower right-hand side of the screen.
    Click Allow on the pop-up message to enable the microphone.

  3. The discussion tools will appear once the headphone icon is clicked. Participants will have the option to mute themselves, turn on video, share a screen, and enable the on-screen mouse pointer. Users will also have the ability to invite other users to join the huddle.

AI Integration

This feature can be used if you want to reimagine or rephrase texts in your site. The feature uses AI Integration through ChatGPT.

  1. Highlight the text that you want to rewrite using the AI tool.

  2. Right click on the text and a toolbar will appear. You will find two options:

    1. Click Rewrite to see AI recommendations to rephrase the text.

    2. Click AskGPT if you want to set a tone or word count for the text recommendation.

    3. You can click the Refresh button if you want a new set of text recommendations.

  3. Select the text that you prefer from the list.

  4. Click the Create Task button to use the AI generated text and replace the original text that you had selected.

For information on how to add the Collaboration tool to your account, contact

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