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Adjusting the font size using a style preset
Adjusting the font size using a style preset
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The font size is a significant factor in creating a site. Utilizing the font slider to render paragraphs as headings, or headings as paragraphs is not recommended as it is not the best way to manipulate the font size. We suggest creating a new style preset with larger font sizes through the theme editor and employing the correct format such as <H1> to <H6> for headings, and <p> for paragraphs in your texts. You can refer to this article on how you can customize font-related variables to make it easier for you to align your site to your preferred branding style.

The list below may aid in determining the appropriate font size format to use.

  1. Header font size. This is the biggest font size on your page. Use it for the headline or section titles. If you have both a headline and section titles, you should almost certainly be using two different font sizes here.

  2. Default font size. This is the most common font size on your page and should be used for all body text – as well as most controls, like text boxes, dropdowns, captions, and menus.

It is recommended to use "em" instead of pixels for fonts as "em" sets the size relative to surrounding elements and this can be good in applying screen size or mobile view where the text needs to scale according to its size.

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