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Customize font-related variables in the Theme Editor
Customize font-related variables in the Theme Editor
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Using the right font not only align your site to your preferred branding style but also helps strengthen the register of your communication, optimizes content readability, and aids accessibility.

The theme editor lets you customize the font-related variables in the theme and style presets such as color, hover color, size, weight, etc. You can use the theme search utility, or run through the list of theme and preset variables, to identify which elements you like its font to be modified, such as the font for an overlap caption, button links, headings, tables, tags, tile titles, etc.

To modify font-related variables in your theme or for your style preset:

  1. Click the Themes icon from the left sidebar;

  2. Hover over the target theme and click Edit;

  3. In the search box at the upper left, type in the keyword font or the target element name (such as a secondary button or play icon), or you can find the target element by scrolling through the variable list on the left side of the editor;

  4. Click the arrow next to the variable heading name to see the customizable variables;

  5. Change the target font-related variable by updating the field value;

  6. Wait for the previewer on the right of the editor to reload the page and review the changes;

  7. Click Publish to apply changes for live or drafted sites.

Publishing changes made in a theme might affect all the sites using the same theme. You might want to first make a duplicate of your theme, then edit the duplicate and apply the modified theme to your target site.

You can also check our Skills Workshop for Text Tiles to know more.

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