Add a table in text tile or text section
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Table is a grid of rows and columns that present organized data so they can be quickly read by the site viewers. The tabular presentation not only helps the readers in understanding and processing information, but also the site author in simplifying the delivery of the content. Tables can be inserted in a text tile or text section.

To add a table in a text tile or text section:

  1. Click the target text tile or text section;

  2. Click on the Insert Table button to display the pop-up that allows you to indicate the number of rows and columns;

  3. Hover your pointer going downward to increase number of rows and going rightward to determine how many rows and columns you need (maximum table size is 10x10);

  4. Once done, click on the last square in the table row/column to add the table.

Table interface designs optimize the overlay usability of the what data are being presented. Some elements of a table can also be customized from the site editing level, such as cell background color, alignment, row and column count, etc. More theme variables related to tables in your site can be edited by simply searching for the variable.

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