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A section may be referred for viewers, or may be be linked to or from another site or application, if preferred, instead of the homepage, or specific subpage. However, grabbing the URL of a specific section is not straight forward.

While multiple URLs can be created for a single site in the platform, the web address of a section uses the unique ID assigned to it. Unfortunately, the interface does not provide a means to view, edit or customized the section ID.

One way to see the section ID is to use the web inspection utility found in most browsers. The section ID can then be added to the URL of the subpage to link to the target section. The section URL can then be shared to the audience or be linked for another site or application.

To grab the section URL of a published site:

  1. Preview or view the site;

  2. Navigate to the subpage where the target section is at;

  3. Right click on any space within the section;

  4. Select Inspect Element from the menu;

  5. Click the element selector from the web inspection console;

  6. Hover over the target section until you see the div tag with the section ID attribute, in the format section-id-xxxxx;

  7. Add the ID to the subpage URL;

The section ID format to be added is /section/section-id. As an example, if the ID of the target section is if the subpage URL is pmb98, while the subpage URL is

then the URL of the section is,

As you may notice, based from the given examples, the subpage URL brings you to the top of the page, while the section URL load the top of the subpage and quickly scrolls to target section.

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