Re-arrange a tile
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The grid section is optimized to be flexible in delivering your preferred design. Different features are available such as increasing the column number in a grid (up to 30 columns), full-bleed rendering, and tiles snapping to the preferred size and location.

The grid section now has a Layout Type that allows you to control how tiles fill space in a grid.

Vertical layout will compress columns and ensure all vertical space is filled. Moving tiles in a vertical layout will swap or move around tiles automatically.

Unconstrained layout means you may place tiles wherever you would like, but certain limitations or rules must be considered. Tiles can only be moved to empty spaces. If tiles are next to each other, move one to an empty space before resizing or moving it. You need a space next to a tile to resize it.

To re-arrange your tiles:

1. Click the tile.โ€‹
2. Drag the tile to a different location in a grid section.

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