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Non - full bleed section width is hardcoded to be at 1200px. To optimize the render within the sections, you would want to make the dimensions of your content proportionate with this number, or use it as bare minimum. Moreover, you can refer to the target display resolution for the vertical dimension reference (length) for your content.
You can find more information about the current market distribution of the screen resolutions in this article.

Based from the formula to get the tile dimensions based on the number of column in a grid section, non - full bleed (default width), with and without the padding and margins, you can refer to the tables below of the minimum tile length values. You can definitely set higher resolutions for your content, but we highly recommend that you make them proportionate with the values shown in the tables below.

For better viewing experience, you can right click on the images of the table below and load them in another browser tab.

Default / Standard Grid Section Width (Non - full bleed)

Full Bleed Grid Section - 1366px screen resolution

Full Bleed Grid Section - 1920px screen resolution

Full Bleed Grid Section - 1280px screen resolution

Full Bleed Grid Section - 1440px screen resolution

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