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Restore / revert a site to previously published versions
Restore / revert a site to previously published versions
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The Revert function allows you to restore a site easily to its previous versions called Published Versions. These published versions are created whenever a site is published.

Whenever a site had been reverted to a previous version, all changes made after the selected published version will be undone.

For example, if you've spent an hour working on a new page, but then you reverted the site to a published version created before the page was even added, then the page you are working on will be taken out of the site after the revert.

If the published website address has not been shared with an audience yet, it is best to always publish the site to upload any changes to the server.

If the published website address had already been shared to an audience, and you don't want any recent changes getting shown to the visitors, you can isolate site edits within hidden versions of the sections or pages, so that, even if the site gets continuously published, these changes or edits will not be revealed to the visitors.

Revert only applies to sites that had been published. This article will explain how to publish a site.

You can find the Revert button & Publish button at the upper right corner of the site editor.

How to revert/restore from a previous Published Version

1. Click Revert.

2. From the Published Version drop-down, select the desired published version based on the date and time the site was published.

3. Click Preview to confirm the preferred site version. A new tab will open when the Preview button is hit.

4. Click Revert Site.

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