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Add or update the custom site footer

Learn how to edit and update your site's footer like updating the footer copyright date.

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You may want to add more information to your footer at some point including links, phone numbers, logos, etc. To make this easier we have provided a way to write custom HTML that will be included in your theme.

The footer is usually specified in the site's theme, so changes have to be made at the theme-level. As you may already know, changes to the theme affect all the sites using the same theme. If you only want to update the footer of a specific site/s, duplicate the theme first, update the copy, and set the site/s to use that theme.

You can refer to this article about duplicating a theme.

To add or update the footer

1. In the site editor, click on Styling on the upper left editing panel, select your theme (first one on the list), and click Edit. 

 Or you can also go straight to the theme editor by selecting Themes in the left navigation editing panel from your dashboard. Then search for the theme that you need to add or update the footer and click Edit.

2. Click Footer HTML and it will expand the Footer HTML window.

3. Click on Show more to enlarge the window if needed. You can add or update any text or description that you want for your footer. You can also enter any custom HTML you want to be displayed in your theme.

4. Once you've added or updated the footer, click on Done then Publish to save the changes made to the theme.

Now when you use your theme and view the finished site you will see your custom footer available. If you are interested in adding specific styles to this footer you will need to add custom CSS based on the classes that you declared in your HTML.

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