Each Theme in Zoomforth generates a CSS stylesheet which is, then, applied to your Zoomforth site(s). The stylesheet is where we gather all of the variables and custom CSS in the Theme Editor and output them to affect the aesthetic of your site(s). 

In June 2019, we released an upgraded version of the Theme Stylesheet to make styling in the Theme Editor consistent across all sections and content.

Some of the things that this new theme stylesheet version will enable are:

  • Consistent character styles (h1-h4, p, lists, tables, buttons, links) across every section, pop-up dialog boxes/windows, and caption.

  • More consistent styling between Style Presets and the Theme's default variables. (Historically, Style Presets were missing some styles, which meant you'd need to write custom CSS to make certain elements look uniform across your site).

  • New theme variables like: H4, button hover styling, table and list styling in presets, and more. *These variables will only be available in the new Theme version.*

Any Themes created after June 18, 2019 will automatically have the new stylesheet applied, but existing Themes will need to be manually upgraded. 

For current Themes, you will see a banner across the top of the Theme Editor with a button inviting you to update your theme.

While we encourage you to upgrade your theme to the latest version, it's extremely important that you first review all sites using that theme before Publishing the upgrade. Specifically, we'd encourage you to check your sites for:

  • Scrolling tiles

  • Font sizing issues/changes¬†

  • Button and hyperlink colors and interactions

If you initially click Update and then change your mind, you can always revert the change and go back to the older version of your Theme, so long as you don't hit Publish first. The new version will persist once you hit Publish and cannot be reverted thereafter.

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