[Permission Required: Account Admin, Content Admin]

The in-site search opener needs to be enabled by an Account Admin, or a Content Admin. Once enabled, it will be visible on the top right corner of the site. 

Click here to know how to enable in-site search on your site.

The in-site search opener's size can be customized via the Local Site CSS.
Watch the video or read the instructions below to change the size of the in-site search opener.

To change the size of the in-site search opener

1. Go to your site's Site Editor.

2. Click on Styling from left pane menu.

3. Click Edit Site CSS under Local Site Styles.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Site CSS editor.

5. Copy and paste the italicized code below:

.in-page-search-opener {

width: XXpx;

height: YYpx;


Ensure that you change the bold faced values of the code where XX refers to the numerical value for the width, while YY refers to the numerical value of the height of your in-site search opener. (Watch video above to see example)

6. Click Save.

7. Click the Publish button on the upper left of your Site Editor.

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