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Add / change an image or color for a section background
Add / change an image or color for a section background
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How long the audience stays on your site might depend on your hero sections. Thus, the content strategy around it must not only consider things like relevance or load speed but also content quality!

Some sections for your subpage, like grid or text sections, can be customized by using different colors, images or videos as backgrounds. Background images and videos can be loaded from the Media Library or from your local machine. 

To add or change background for some sections:

  1. Navigate to and select the target section;

  2. On the left navigation pane, scroll to the Background section;

  3. Select the preferred section type (color, image, video) or select None to remove the background;

  4. Select the color, image or video from the selector window;

  5. Click Done editing section button.

Note: Video backgrounds for sections are disabled for mobile site viewing in order to save mobile data.

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