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Customize link buttons using theme and style preset variables
Customize link buttons using theme and style preset variables
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Buttons allow users to take actions, and make choices, with a single click. The use of buttons is a great way to convert passive engagements, like viewing a content, to action-based interactions, like downloading or sharing an asset from your page, content reactions via emoji, signing up for a service, or registering for an event, etc.

Buttons communicate actions that users can do. They are typically placed throughout your site. Buttons should be easy to find, and should be identifiable while clearly indicating the action they allow a user to complete. In the Theme Editor, you can customize the primary and secondary buttons' background color, border, font color, and font color on hover in your preferred style.

To change the button background color, border, and font color on hover using the theme editor:

  1. Under Sites Basics, click on Links and Buttons from the left editing menu;

  2. Edit the hex color codes for the Link, Link Interaction, Primary Button and Primary Button Interaction depending on your preference;

  3. You may modify the primary button's border width and radius by adjusting the size, in the corresponding fields;

  4. Click on Publish for the changes to apply to your site.

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