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Animated elements can add life to static content and pages of your microsite. This feature, also showcased in this site, will impact audience engagement and improves the user experience when used sparingly.

Animations can improve the visibility of call-to-action buttons, help highlight key content, and help prolong engagement when used as transitions for storytelling or simulations, etc.

Animations can be applied to tiles and sections from the site editor.

To enable/disable tile or section animation:

  1. Navigate to and select the target tile or section;

  2. Click the drop-down under the Add Animation section of the left editing panel;

  3. Select your preferred animation from the list;

  4. Select your preferred animation speed, below the Add Animation section;

  5. Tick the option Set animation on repeat, if preferred;

  6. Click Done editing tile or Done editing section button;

The animation can be removed when you click the Remove Animation button next to the type of animation selected from the Add Animation drop-down.

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