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A theme defines the styles of the logos, colors, fonts, spacing, and more that appear on your site. Themes allow your company to maintain a cohesive brand aesthetic across all of your sites.

One theme may be used by one or more published or drafted (unpublished) sites, including templates. Changes to the theme are automatically saved, but only get applied once the theme has been published, or republished, for all or some of the sites, published site or not, using the same theme.
Any changes in the theme activate the Publish button of the theme editor. Once a theme is published, the Publish button becomes inactive.

To publish, or republish, a theme:

  1. Go to the editing interface of the target theme from the site editor, or by accessing the editing interface from the Themes dashboard;

  2. If the Publish button is inactive (there are no unpublished changes), update the target variables of the theme or style preset;

  3. Wait for the previewer to refresh and display the updates on the right of the editing panel;

  4. Review the changes shown in the previewer;

  5. Click Publish button;

  6. Select which sites the changes will only be applied.

If the Publish button is already active, it means that there are saved but unpublished changes or updates in the theme. You can verify from the previewer if the changes or updates are OK before publishing the theme.

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