Adding alt texts to your content makes your site more accessible, optimizes your site for SEO, and gives text descriptions when assets fail to load or render.

Zoomforth allows you to add alt texts for all assets in the Media Library, as described in this article, and in the site editor. Any changes made to the alt text in the Media Library are not reflected in those assets that have already been added to the site editor or are on a published site.

In the same way, changes made to the alt text in the site editor do not affect the alt texts for the same asset in the Media Library.

Moreover, alt texts are different from the descriptions, which may be displayed as captions for select assets. Alt texts only get displayed on a site if the asset fails to load or render.

Read our article on how to write effective alt texts.

To add alt texts for an asset in the Media Library:

1. Click the asset from the Media Library.

2. Click the area or field next to the field name ALT TEXT.

3. Add, or edit, the alt texts.

4. Click the Save button.

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